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UPDATE: Open Source on GitHub (Sep 2021)

The source code of WEBnm@ API (stand-alone version) is now freely available on GitHub:

  • You can now install and use WEBnm@ on your own machine or integrate it into your own workflow
  • This stand-alone version gives you maximal flexibility (customize configuration or parameters) to run your calculation

UPDATE: Version 3.3 Beta (Nov 2020)

New feature: deformation energy calculation for both single and comparative NMA analyses

Q: What's new in WEBnm@ V.3 compared to V.2?

  • Brand new website design, aiming at better user experience, with the following highlights:
    • Interactive web plots for more convenient data visualization
    • Fast and user-friendly visualisation of the normal modes (as well as cross-correlations, overlaps and alignments) in your browser, based on LiteMol
    • "My jobs" page for users to keep track of or manage jobs conveniently
  • The backend has been upgraded from Python2 to Python3, and the code optimized for better computing performance
  • Users can now choose to upload their own mode file for single PDB analyses
  • Users do not need to upload the alignment file for comparative analyses, and are offered the possiblity to align their proteins using MUSTANG (Konagurthu et al., Proteins, 2006)

Contact us

  • For specific job questions or technical support (e.g. why my job failed or looks abnormal, can I run the calculation with different parameters etc.), you may report your issue here: click the green button "New issue", and describe your issue preferably with all necessary information so that one can reproduce your issue.
  • If you don't want to use GitHub, or you want to discuss scientific questions or collaborations, please contact the project leader Nathalie Reuter